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Gangasagar Helicopter Service

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Gangasagar is a religious tourist place of West Bengal and thousands of people used to visit Gangasagar 365 days of the year, especially during Gangasagar Mela. West Bengal Transport & Tourism Department has introduced Kolkata Gangasagar Helicopter Service from Behala Flying Club every Sunday. This Helicopter service is very safe, time saving & cheap as well. Let’s check out few details of Kolkata Gangasagar Helicopter Service below.

Kolkata Gangasagar Helicopter Helipad Location :

Behala Flying Club is well connected with every corner of Kolkata by Road or
by Train (nearest Railway Station Majherhat). Behala Flying Club is situated on the right
turn from Diamond Harbour Road near Behala on South Kolkata.

Kolkata Gangasagar Helicopter Timetable Schedule : 

  • Every Sunday, Kolkata Gangasagar Helicopter Service is available at 9:30 am from Behala Flying Club.
  • It will take around 35-40 minutes to reach.
  • Gangasagar to Kolkata Helicopter will fly from Gangasagar at 12:00PM every Sunday as well.

Kolkata Gangasagar Helicopter Ticket Price (Fare) :

Ticket price (fare) for Kolkata Gangasagar is only Rs.2000/- + SC per Person (Seat) one way.

West Bengal Helicopter Service Booking process :

For book, your helicopter ride, send an email at dreamsafar2007@gmail.com with your dates and passenger details. You can also call them at 9650747276 or 9933507757.
Also the service you can book from Online from Dreamsafar official Website www.dreamsafar.in/helicopter

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